Squared Infinity Limited

Founded in December 2009, Squared Infinity is a small group of passionate developers
who believe coding should be fun and with right tools everything is possible!.

Squared Infinity Ltd. is a private limited company incorporated and located in United Kingdom (company no. 07110272) with office registered at
180 Bants Lane
NN5 6AH United Kingdom

We are proud members of Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner Program and Microsoft BizSpark Startup.

Contact and Feedback

Best way to share your feedback is to write to support@vscommands.com or @vscommands.


Hi There! I'm Jarek Kardas, founder of Squared Infinity and guy on the picture below.

I've been using .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio on daily basis for several years, both at work and tinkering with code during weekends. This at first intimidating relationship quickly turned into my life passion and in time I got to learn Visual Studio's great capabilites and understand its limitations.

This is also how VSCommands was born. Initially a 'hobby project' developed to to help me and my colleagues during daily coding, it quickly got attention of greater audience and became most popular 3rd party extension on Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery.

With kind help and code contributions of my friends VSCommands grew in number of features, started taking bigger part of my everyday life and, as of May 2012, became my full-time job. This means more time to experiment with new ways to make your Visual Studio experience even better!

I'm a real person so don't hesitate to contact me with feedback, ideas or just for a chat. The easiest way is to email me at jarek@squaredinfinity.com, connect via LinkedIn or, if you are based in UK or Poland, we can talk over a beer (or coffee)!